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Comeback and new direction

Having kids can definitely have a takeover effect on a person’s life, and in all honesty, it has directly contributed to a shift of mindset as to what needs to be discussed on this blog. While of course, Christian apologetics and theological questions still weigh on my mind (and will be posted when appropriate), I find that world issues concern me more than ever before. Why is this? The main reason I can identify is because now, I have to worry about my sons growing up in this crazy place!

Whether it’s the political race, Black Lives Matter, or other current issues, it’s sometimes confusing to wade through it all. My hope is that I will be able to openly discuss some of these things and stir the pot just a bit.

My wife has a T-shirt that reads, “I wish common sense were more common.” Nothing could be more appropriate in describing today’s world, which seems to have a veil of blindness cast over it. Even if one would argue back that maybe I’M the one who’s blind (you can decide for yourselves in the upcoming discussions), everyone should agree that the exchange of free ideas has been overly stifled in the name of political correctness and safe spaces. This stunts our growth as people and as a nation; it helps nobody.

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