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Yes, black lives matter, but “Black Lives Matter” the movement is poison

August 30, 2016 Leave a comment

*Disclaimer: I am not a journalist and at this time in my life, cannot cite every single source of my information. But I openly encourage you to look things up for yourselves or to prove me wrong with actual facts. Also, I know I’m late to the party with some of these things, but this will lay the groundwork for future posts.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my biggest pet peeves is illogical people. Sadly, these days, it seems like there are nothing but these people voicing their ill-informed opinions wherever you go. You see it all over the mainstream media, on social media, and in the overall public discourse. It makes me sad and I’ll admit, annoyed up to my ears. One of the best examples of this nowadays is the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement.

The thing is, BLM actually promotes racial segregation and infects anyone in society who is unable to intellectually (or emotionally) sort out the facts themselves. And just like hardcore leftists dealing with people who disagree with their ideals, if you speak out against this movement, you can easily be labeled a racist. Never mind the legitimate arguments to be made or doubts to be wrestled with. Being called a racist or bigot automatically gives proponents of BLM the moral high ground—at least in their eyes—and the person being accused rarely knows how to stand his or her ground. The irony, of course, is that so many of the BLM followers are themselves racist. Look at how they treated non-blacks in Milwaukee, intimidating them or even becoming physically violent (even when a lot of these people were there to support the movement).

You sometimes see them protesting, and in other instances, straight-up rioting and looting. In a disgusting display of hatred, you will even see them openly supporting the killing of police officers or demanding that black people get their own space away from everyone else. In essence, they are the antithesis of Dr. Martin Luther King, who actually faced real racism with dignity and called for peaceful demonstrations. His dream was integration and brotherhood. BLM often calls for violence and self-segregation (and a litany of other demands).

Not only that, but they block traffic for commuters who have nothing to do with the so-called institutional racism they are railing against. They intrude upon other groups’ events and parades as if to say that BLM trumps all other possible causes. It is getting increasingly difficult to sympathize with people who immediately assume the worst about everybody else and shove their views upon everyone else in such a forceful manner.

You may argue that I’m focusing on some of the bad apples of the movement, but the fact is that this ideology can be traced all the way to the top and to the roots of the movement. Furthermore, you will rarely hear BLM leaders decry this violence or hate, or if they are forced to backpedal at all, it is done begrudgingly and by half-measures.

Furthermore, almost every single prominent shooting case that is used to thrust forward their agenda turns out to be wholly or at least somewhat justified. Let’s take a look at two of the biggest catalysts for the movement: the Trayvon Martin case and Michael Brown.

The media portrayed Trayvon Martin as an adorable black youth (using years-old images of his innocent days–see below), simply walking with store-bought Skittles and Arizona iced tea when he was racially profiled, stalked, and viciously assassinated by a “white Hispanic” man named George Zimmerman. (When did Hispanic become White, by the way? When it’s convenient to push the narrative of white racism/guilt, even when it makes no sense.)

Why is it that they only show pictures like these?

trayvon martin trayvon-martin-240









And not these more recent photos?


Anyhow, the facts of the case turn out to be far different. First of all, it wasn’t iced tea, but rather Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. When mixed with Skittles and cough syrup, you get a codeine-based drink called “lean,” which is basically a homemade drug known to cause extreme physical aggression and paranoia. Coincidence? Not really. There are actual screenshots and records of Trayvon going online trying to figure out how to score some of this for himself. Not so cute and innocent-sounding anymore, is it?

Now, Zimmerman was kind of an idiot for sure, playing some kind of wannabe superhero to keep his streets safe. Trayvon might have even been rightly annoyed with this weirdo watching him. But in the end, Trayvon (according to the best facts we have available) physically assaulted Zimmerman and was bashing his head against the concrete before he was fatally shot. In other words, no, he was not some cute kid looking forward to eating his candy who got shot just because he was black and wearing a hoodie.

What about Michael Brown? According to the media, he was a “gentle giant” who despite being unarmed and raising his hands, pleading with the cops “don’t shoot,” was killed anyway due to his skin color. People swallowed the story wholesale before the facts even came out. It sparked a revolution and reinvigorated the BLM movement and took it to new heights.

The only problem is that facts do matter. It turns out that he was not so gentle after all. After strong-arm robbing a store and being tracked down by a police officer, Brown approached the cop car, reached inside, and punched Officer Wilson. He reached for the officer’s gun, but was stopped in the process. By witness accounts, Brown’s dying moments included roaring and charging Officer Wilson who defended himself with multiple shots before Brown finally went down. Who cares that he was unarmed when he was attacking the cop and reaching for his gun? Does someone need to succeed in becoming armed before they are deemed a threat? By that time, it’s already too late. Common sense is good for the soul, isn’t it?

It’s also important to point out that at no point did he raise his hands in submission as his partner-in-crime had initially lied. Furthermore, multiple witnesses admitted that they had been threatened and forced to lie to the investigators. Cooperating with law enforcement was seen as being a traitor to the black community, at least in this town. (Side note: Some make a big deal out of the fact that the officer shot him so many times, as if to imply that it was some kind of hateful, rage-filled killing. What so many don’t realize is that guns rarely stop an assailant immediately as they do in movies, especially when the person on the receiving end is as large as Brown was. In fact, at any moderate distance, guns usually kill people via bleeding out rather than pure stopping force.)

Even the liberal-influenced DOJ—which in all likelihood would have liked to find evidence of racism and wrongdoing on the part of the cops to perpetuate the left’s agenda—couldn’t find anything to bring to trial against Wilson. All charges were dropped.

The sad thing is, with every new case that comes to light, the pattern is usually the same. Initial outrage and people jumping en masse to conclusions without waiting for the facts. And when the facts do emerge, the shooting usually seems to be justified. But it doesn’t stop people from assuming racism and shouting it from the rooftops because their emotions matter more than logic.

I’m so done with BLM. I actually feel very bad for the clear-thinking black folks out there who try to be a voice of reason amidst the noise. Whenever they try to raise legitimate points, they are instantly berated and insulted by their own communities as “coons” or “Uncle Toms.” If someone happens to be a black cop, then God help them deal with unjustified nastiness every day.

Some people just don’t like to think, and many people just don’t want to see the truth. It’s just like dealing with a militant atheist who will constantly resort to ad hominem attacks rather than engage in thoughtful discussion or argument.

Like I said, I’m so done with it.

Also check out these videos:

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Comeback and new direction

August 26, 2016 Leave a comment

Having kids can definitely have a takeover effect on a person’s life, and in all honesty, it has directly contributed to a shift of mindset as to what needs to be discussed on this blog. While of course, Christian apologetics and theological questions still weigh on my mind (and will be posted when appropriate), I find that world issues concern me more than ever before. Why is this? The main reason I can identify is because now, I have to worry about my sons growing up in this crazy place!

Whether it’s the political race, Black Lives Matter, or other current issues, it’s sometimes confusing to wade through it all. My hope is that I will be able to openly discuss some of these things and stir the pot just a bit.

My wife has a T-shirt that reads, “I wish common sense were more common.” Nothing could be more appropriate in describing today’s world, which seems to have a veil of blindness cast over it. Even if one would argue back that maybe I’M the one who’s blind (you can decide for yourselves in the upcoming discussions), everyone should agree that the exchange of free ideas has been overly stifled in the name of political correctness and safe spaces. This stunts our growth as people and as a nation; it helps nobody.

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“How Culture Changes” (YouTube – Mark Driscoll)

November 27, 2012 1 comment

An interesting short clip about the direction of our culture and why it goes the way it does.

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Investigating Hell…(preview)

April 15, 2011 1 comment

I’m currently looking (carefully!) into whether our traditional view of “Hell” is accurate. Namely, is it directly and compellingly confirmed with Scripture? I want to be very careful before I even attempt to conclude anything, but I’ll post my thoughts shortly. I have a bad habit of adding more thoughts to my posts after they’re published because my mind keeps racing on the topic. Hopefully, with a day or two to digest at least, I can avoid rushing to a hasty conclusion.

I will say upfront, though, that this traditional view of Hell as a place of eternal suffering and burning…is possibly in error. It’s no question that ancient pagan ideas and art have seeped into Christian culture in early times and have persisted. For instance, it took me a bit of time to discard the idea of Jesus with a halo around his head. Halos came from pagan art, which inspired some well-meaning Christian artists to copy the imagery. This is a pretty trivial thing to discard, so imagine how jarring it can be to rethink my concept of Hell!

But some of my research into this topic is starting to suggest that perhaps our idea of Hell is tainted in this same way. For instance, the idea that souls are necessarily eternal was an ancient Greek one, not a Christian one. Who’s to say that God can’t destroy souls? Anyhow, I’m saying too much now. I’ll write a fuller entry in short time. Hopefully, God will open my eyes and lead me in the right direction.

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