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Christians who judge others for lack of faith (when it comes to the physical)

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just a quickie entry, but I thought this video was enlightening and funny:


It’s basically an answer to a question John Piper received.

A woman has been accused by other Christians for not relying on God enough because she takes antidepressants. I love how Piper addresses this issue by pointing out that God has “ordained” physical things to be useful and practical. God made the physical world, so why should we just ignore and denigrate it?

Heck, even as I’m reading the Old Testament, I’m constantly seeing the ways in which God chooses to solve problems via practical means, rather than just whipping up a miracle every time (though He sometimes does). God told Noah to build an ark; He didn’t just levitate Noah’s family above the flood waters. God told Joseph that Egypt should store up grains during their seven years of bountiful harvest in order to survive through the subsequent seven-year famine.

So yea, please don’t be judgmental toward other Christians or people in general for making use of modern medicine and technology. It’s not faithless to do so, and it all falls under God’s creation and domain anyway.

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